Trying Linux Mint 18.2 “Sonya” Cinnamon Edition as standard work-platform.

Will be giving a full review with time now i have only tested it for my basic need for work!

Software can be found here on my site and at LinuxMint official site as well

Easy to install Linux Mint as always!
Have an option during install to get third-parties software installed
VMWare Horizon very easy to get installed and no configure needed.
Configure encrypted drive with LVM made very easy and as an extra option encrypted home folder in a encrypted file-system.



downCitrix receiver easy to install but get some SSL issues (manual imports). Trying to write a solution for a shared variable system-wide containing certificates used by receiver.
CiscoAnyconnect 3d part software not the best if anyone know an option to it please let me know.
Adding some screen dumps regarding some of my installations.






vmware2 vmware1 crypt_ins citrix_pem citrix_install